Creative, curious and determined: my name is Irene, owner and editor of “Events Inspiration Factory“. I was born in Catania, in that island rich of culture and traditions which is Sicily. I grew up there, where I got passionate about fashion and architecture, got my-self involved in volunteering activities and enjoyed the art of cooking . In 2013 I got my bachelor degree in “Economics and Tourism Enterprises Management” at the University of Catania, a first step towards pursuing my dream of being a professional in the events industry!

I decided to further my studies abroad: it was the 15th of August of five years ago when, with a luggage full of dreams and ambitions, I took a one-way flight to London, probably the world capital of fashion and extravagance. I really enjoy whatever this city has to offer, from street festivals to museums,  themed parties and much more… Proudly admitted to one of the top universities in England, the University of Surrey, I got my postgraduate course in International Events Management.

I currently work as Event Executive in London, where I live with my partner on the top floor of a skyscraper with a view over the City. In my spare time I like baking, attending Zumba classes and, obviously, blogging about events!

Events Inspiration Factory” has been created to be a landmark for those in search of inspiration about all kinds of events. A factory of inspirations with influences of different cultures. “Events Inspiration Factory” is that virtual space where my passion for events and my willingness to share what I love come together and become reality!

I am always on the look for new ideas and passionately keep myself up to date with current trends. I love to share my opinions with other passionate people, whether they are professionals in the industry or events addicted.

“Events Inspiration Factory” is updated regularly with mood boards, event design inspirations, posts on the latest trends of the industry and much more.  It doesn’t matter which event you are interested in, here you will find creative ideas and tips for every kind of celebrations and occasions. And if you would like to contribute, why not helping me to add a bit more? Keep an eye on this blog and stay tuned with social networks for the latest updates!