Colours of the Year: from 2000 to the present

I had already talked about Pantone® Colours of the Year in this post. From 2000, Pantone® declares the representative colour of the following year. This is not a random choice but is the result of a careful analysis of future trends within different sectors (i.e. fashion, interior design, art and entertainment) that are then interpreted by a team of colour experts. As you may know by now, the Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery.

Greenery was preceded by 17 colours, some of them very similar to each other. Curious to know all of them? So read further…

Colours of the Year from 2000 to the present.

Proceeding from 2000 to 2017, the image collects all the “Colours of the Year”.
colori-dell-anno-colours-of-the-year""Well, let’s say that over the years there has been a preference for shades of blue, purple and pink, opting only rarely for stronger colours like Tangerine Tango and Mimosa. My favourite colours? Radiant Orchid and Emerald!

Which colour do you love among those chosen by Pantone® as Colour of the Year? If you are still unsure or if you find hard to imagine these colours as the theme of your event, don’t worry! In the next weeks I will post an inspiration board for each Colour of the Year, starting from the most recent till the very first in 2000, waiting for the new colour of the year 2018 to be elected.

Greenery: Pantone  // Radiant Orchid mise en place: Ph JacqueLynn Photography via The Perfect Palette // Emerald Cake pops: Ph Marc of MK Photographics via Pretty My Party // Pantone Colour Guide: Pantone

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