Destination Wedding Photographer: my experience with Stepan Vrzala

Wedding is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, a key milestone for a couple, that, in fact, marks the beginning of a new life together. When the wedding reception is over and the last guest will be gone, what will remain will be only the memories that you will jealously keep in your heart. The photographer and videographer have the difficult task of capturing the moments lived on the most beautiful day of your life, giving shape to memories and emotions. In recent years, thanks to the ease of moving from one country to another at a more or less affordable cost, the role of the destination wedding photographer has gained more and more importance.

Who is the destination wedding photographer?

By this name we mean a photographer who captures weddings around the world. In other words, the desire to travel and the profession of wedding photographer come together and the result is a dream photo shoot!

I’ll tell you why I chose a wedding destination photographer for my wedding.

Since the blog of Events Inspiration Factory went online, much of my work has consisted in selecting for you the most beautiful and inspirational shots by the best wedding photographers in the world. In collecting the images, I don’t just look at the photo on a technical level. Certainly the composition, the lights, the post-production work are all important factors that greatly affect the final result, but they are not enough. I especially choose the photos to be shared based on the emotions that I feel when I look at them. Some shots are as if they were telling a love story without the use of words. It almost makes you feel like you have actually lived those moments of a rings exhange or a toast with friends. I also love the photos of wedding details: they are the ones that make the difference! It is in the image of a detail that you can find inspiration for your wedding. Over time, I have noticed that my favorite shots have almost always been taken by destination wedding photographers. It’s not a casuality. I think wedding photographers really have something extra. In my opinion there are two main reasons:

1. Having to deal with different cultures, they are open to exchange of ideas  and dialogue. They often have a very informal and empathetic attitude, which makes even the most shy couple comfortable in front of a camera.

2. Operating worldwide, the level of competition is unbelievably high! Being among the best becomes a necessity and this means being constantly updated on new techniques and trends to ensure the photoshoots have not only high quality but also contemporary standards.

Why Stepan Vrzala?

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with many internationally well known destination wedding photographers, including Stepan Vrzala. I came across his Instagram profile by chance and was simply struck by it! His photos are pure art: a journey across places, emotions, people, flavours of the stories he tells through his shots. When the time came to choose the photographer for my wedding photo shoot, I had no doubt: Stepan Vrzala was my choice, ours! We agreed every detail of that day in time and without any problems: the details to be captured, the timing, the movements. He accompanied us in every moment of that magic day, from the preparation to the cake cutting, never being intrusive, capturing the emotions on our faces and those of our guests, almost without being noticed. Stepan made the post-ceremony shooting pleasant and relaxing, immediately putting us at ease, capturing all the beauty and emotion of our first moments as husband and wife in a total natural way. The colors and (non-)poses are super natural, the photos bright, every detail captured with care. Although we are just two ordinary people, our photos look like a magazine cover.

destination photographer

destination photographer

destination photographer

Stepan created for us a real collection of memories that we will jealously treasure and that I can’t wait to share with you in a post on the story of the most beautiful day of my life!

Destination Photographer: Stepan Vrzala // Wedding Planning, Design & Styling: Events Inspiration Factory // Floral Designer: Intrecci di Fiori e d’Arte // Reception Venue: Villa Fegotto // Catering: Squiseating // Wedding decor rentals: Events Inspiration Factory // Lighting: Di Benedetto Light // Bride‘s dress: Eddy K at Polisano Spose Atelier // Bride‘s shoes: Calzature Daniela // Groom’s attire: Thomas Pina at Polisano Spose Atelier // Make-up: Claudia Pistorio // Hair: Gessica Maltese by Toni Pellegrino // Stationery and Calligraphy: Events Inspiration Factory // Ribbons: Kate Cullen // Wedding favours: Ceramiche artistiche Carcò di Irene Cabibbo // Dj Set: Peppe Maugeri Deejay // Live Music: Duo Akkorda // Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses: JJ’s House 

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