Diary of a Wedding: mine! – Chapter 2

For those who have started to read this section only now, this is the diary of a wedding. Not a common one, but mine! In the previous chapter I told you about the marriage proposal and the emotions I felt in those moments. Today instead I am going to tell you about the first stages of the organization of our wedding and I will also reveal the location we chose!

Once the euphoria of the moment is gone (or almost!) and after telling my relatives and close friends, it’s time to think about the organization of the wedding. I could not wait to get to the heart of the preparations, how could it be otherwise for an event & wedding planner! I love this job: turning ideas into reality; the smiles and emotions of those who will see the final result with their own eyes; playing with colors, shapes, fabrics, flowers, lights … But organizing your own wedding, I must admit, is totally different. If you do not know exactly where to start planning your wedding, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

Let’s start with the three main things: date, church and location.

The wedding date

We knew from the beginning that our wedding would have been in 2019 but did not have any specific date in mind. We just wanted to get married on a Saturday during summer time.

The city of our wedding and the church

As you might know already, I am Sicilian, born and grown in Catania until the day when I moved to London. Giuseppe is also Sicilian but from the province of Ragusa. Where shall we get married? Despite according to the Sicilian tradition weddings should be held in the city of the bride, I have always been in love with Southern Sicily. I love the sunset on the sea of Punta Secca and the beach in Kaukana, the castle of Donnafugata, the baroque style of Ragusa Ibla, the chocolate of Modica and the seafront walk of Marina di Ragusa. Also as a couple we love those areas of Sicily and have always thought about getting married in Ragusa Ibla. Since we live abroad, the first thing we did was to call our preferred church and ask about their availability in summer 2019. Well, in the period between June and September there was only one saturday left available. In Sicily people start to plan at least one year and a half in advance. We obviously booked the date and the church (which I will reveal soon 😉 ) and immediately started our researches for potential venues to visit once we would have been back to Sicily in May.


Before heading to Sicily, we started to look for reception venues in the area. We wanted our venue to be within 30 minutes’ drive. Since the beginning we also had very clear in our minds the style and theme of our wedding, so our researches were quite narrowed. We also prepared a draft list of guests, so that we roughly knew what sort of venue capacity we needed. Once we identified those who mostly cacthed our attention, we booked a few appointments to visit the selected locations on the days when we would have been in Sicily. Throughout our researches we mainly focused on:

  • the venue in general, such that it reflected the selected theme
  • available spaces, based on the estimated number of our guests
  • possibility, in the unfortunate case of rain, of a plan B which would have been still acceptable for us
  • possibility to bring an external catering service
  • limitations of any kinds (time and logistic above all)
  • proximity to the church

Once in Sicily, we confirmed the church in person and above all we chose the perfect location for our needs! In the next chapters I am going to reveil the style of our wedding, the church and the reception venue! In the meantime we keep planning: our next step is to select and contact suppliers! See you soon 😉



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