Diary of a Wedding: mine! – Chapter 3

In my previous posts I told you about the super romantic proposal and the first steps of our wedding planning process. In the last post I anticipated that we have chosen the date, the city, the church and the venue for the reception: all details that I will reveal with time! In the meanwhile we went ahead in the planning and I have already started my one-year-challenge. I will tell you more about it in this post.

The “Behind the Scenes” phase

We are exactly in what I call the “behind the scenes” phase, when the wedding starts to take its shape but the couple is not ready to reveal the details yet. Firstly because you are still not sure about a few things, but also because the bride&groom to be want to amaze their guests slowly without anticipating any details. And for us it’s the same! So also on the blog I’ll not reveal details but only lots of tips on how to proceed once you have booked the venue for both the ceremony and the reception.

12 – 9 Month in advance


Catering is one of those elements you can’t really get wrong, especially if we’re talking about Italian weddings. Your guests will easily forget the colour of the centerpieces and the music of the first dance, but they will definitely remember if the food was good or bad and the quality of the service. If you have a trusted catering, contact them as soon as possible! In our case the venue we’ve chosen for the reception had already an agreement of exclusivity with a catering company. However we were lucky since it would be one of our possible choices!


Photos and videos will be the tangible memory of your most beautiful day, so it’s essential to choose good professionals. But their skills are not the only factor to be taken into consideration. Just think of boho style photos, which are a little dark, or super bright photos or others with saturated colours: all of them can be technically perfect but the style is what will impress you more. It must be love at first sight! Thinking ahead of time will ensure you can choose from the professionals you like the most and you avoid the risk that they are no longer available. Obviously, we have already made our choice!


Setting the mood of the wedding well in advance will be useful to make harmonious all the details of the wedding. The mood can be either a theme or a palette of colours or even both of them, as in our case!


I find the Save the Date particularly useful especially if you have a high percentage of guests who are not from the same area. The Save the Date allows your guests to organize the trip on time, booking flight tickets and hotels at the most advantageous price, and planning their holiday in advance. Since we have been living abroad for 5 years, we have on our list a lot of guests from different countries around the world so a Save the Date is absolutely needed! Just include few and essential information: date and place of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom to be and the website (if you are considering the idea to create one). Obviously, it is important to write that an official invitation will follow in the few months. Our Save the Date will be exclusively in digital format and is ready to be sent shortly.


The website is not essential but it is certainly a nice way to keep your guests updated and provide them with all the extra information that will not even be included in the invitation. An example? Hotels and B&b in the area, reccommended touristic locations nearby, wedding gigt registry, etc. Even in this case, we thought that creating a website was a useful idea and I have already created a very nice one (yes, ok, I am not impartial: D) to which I will have to make only the latest changes before realising it. I advise you to always protect the website with a password, since you will share information about the ceremony and reception, such as time and place, which is best kept confidential! Obviously in the Save the Date and in the invitation you have to specify the password in order to allow guests to access.


We have already identified some floral designers but we have not been able to choose yet. We will probably visit some wedding fairs before making the final decision!


Obviously it is still too early to send invitations, but it is not to start thinking about its shape, especially if you have in mind something special. We have already ordered some samples that we liked so we can literally see and touch them and choose what we like the most.


And here we are! One of the most exciting moments for the future bride: the choice of the dress. When I phoned the ateliers to arrange a meeting I realized that yes, in a bit less than a year I’m getting married! I chose only three of the most popular ateliers in my city, which I know have a wide variety of brands and collections. I already have a precise dress in mind, but I have chosen not to put any limits and try as many dresses as possible so to be sure to choose the one that fits my body shapes the best. I called the ateliers more than a month before the time I would have been in Sicily and most of the slots were no longer available! So once again think about it in time. The last thing to keep in mind is the number of people besides the bride who may be present during the choice of dress because many atelier have number restrictions. Typically, ateliers accept three people.

My one-year-challenge

In addition to photographer, catering, invitations and so on, the year prior to the wedding date is important also to get back into shape and spend a little more time taking care of your body. Hence my decision to start a one-year-challenge, that is a 12-month challenge with myself for getting back into shape! I’m not a particularly sporty girl but I certainly have tons of determination and perseverance, even more if there is anything that interests me more than usual. I hate to stay in a gym and use all the equipment for hours until exhaustion, with no one motivating you, or someone to talk to between breaks. For my one-year-challenge I was looking for a group workout, short but effective, intense enough which in addition to make me lose weight would also help me to tone! 9Rounds Fitness has opened just a few months ago very close to my home. I attended the free trial lesson and felt in love with it. Only 30 minutes of circuit training: 9 steps (hence the name 9Rounds) involving all the muscles of the body. Full body exercises, weight training and fitboxing all at once with always two instructors for a maximum of 9 people (one person each step) and without strict timetables. Briefly, it was exactly what I needed to start this one-year-challenge and I have already started to see some results!


My one-year-challenge does not just include sports. When I say that my goal is to get back into shape, I’m referring to a definitely healthier diet, to the daily hydration of the skin with specific product, to hair care and much more. But of all these things I will write in the next post;)

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