Gadgets for Corporate Events: 5 creative ideas

On the to-do list of a good event planner who deals with the organisation of corporate events, one thing that must not be missed is giving gadgets to speakers and delegates. Choosing the right gift is never an easy task. How many times have you attended a corporate event and the gadget was the usual shopper bag with a pen and a notepad inside? Now forget those gifts seen over and over again and read further!

Gadgets, instructions for use.

Before listing my proposals, some tips to keep in mind to always choose the perfect gift. Gadgets are an important marketing tool: once the event is over, your guests will remember your company especially when they will use your gift. The more the gift is useful and re-usable, the greater the chances of being remembered! Personalisation is essential but it hasn’t to be intrusive: a small logo and / or the name of the event will be enough. Also keep in mind how important is to deliver gadgets personally to thank the delegates for their attendance. Now it is time for these 5 creative and versatile ideas!

1. Leather tags as place cards

If a dinner is scheduled in the event agenda or, simply, the room set up provides for assigned seating, customisable leather tags are the smart idea you were looking for. You can engrave the logo of your company and the initials of your guests on leather labels for suitcases which you will also use as placeholders. Useful, chic and totally customisable gadgets that will definitely exceed the expectations of your guests.

2. Box of local food and wine products

Among all the ideas proposed, this is the most traditional one. This is always one of the most appreciated gift, especially because it is a useful one! This choice will also allow you to promote your area and support local companies and farmers. The box can be customised with what you prefer the most. You can put any kinds of products inside the boxes such as olive oil, preserves, jams, sauces, sweets, biscuits and so on! Depending on the budget available, you can also think of giving participants a mix of products or reserve this privilege just for speakers or sponsors. If your guests have to fly back home, you may prefer dry products or liquids below 100ml.


3. Customisable candies

Lollipops and candies with logos are the perfect gadgets for less formal events, where being creative is a must. This is an original and versatile ideas, suitable for any type of budget. Also, lollipops and candies are totally customisable: for example, you can use the logo of the event you are organising or the one of your company. Sweetness is guaranteed 🙂

4. Engraved glass bottles of wine

If you have in mind something more sophisticated to impress your guests, a bottle of champagne or whiskey with a glass engraving is surely a great choice. You can customise the bottle with a thank you message, or the name of the guest or simply with details of the event. Once again, be careful: if your guests have to fly back home, opt for a mini version, maximum 100 ml, and a suitable packaging.

5. Crafting&Networking

When you say “kill two birds with one stone“! One of the newest trends I see more and more frequently is to include in the agenda couple of hours for social networking activities. This gives your guests the opportunity to network with peers and also to unplug for a while. More and more event planners contact experts in crafting to organise short sessions. There are many options for the objects to create: scented candles, paper lamps, customisable mugs, and so on. You could also customise the object: for example, engraving your logo in a white cup which will then be decorated. Obviously, the choice of the crafting session theme depends on participants (men, women, average age, etc.). Delegates can then bring home what they have created!


That’s all for now! I hope you found these ideas useful for your next corporate events 🙂

Leather Tag: J Sweet London // Candies: The Red Balloon – Candy Artisans // Wine bottles: Engrave Drinks

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