Getting married in the autumn: the 10 pros

How many chances are there of having to postpone your wedding date due to a pandemic? Objectively … very few! And surely none of the couples who had planned their wedding for the first months of 2020 could have imagined that the coronavirus would have paralyzed the whole world for months and months, thus determining the impossibility of celebrating weddings, graduations or birthdays with friends and relatives. Still, it happened and unfortunately the only thing to do is taking a deep breath and start planning again … Many couples have postponed their wedding date for only a few months, getting married in the autumn.

Do not consider it a forced choice, as getting married in the autumn has many advantages that many underestimate! Which ones? Here are 10 good reasons to get married in this time of year.

1. Bold colours

Autumn is the season of the thousands shades and contrasts. Nature itself offers us an infinite variety of colours. Just think of seasonal fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, figs, pomegranates but also the leaves that turn from green to dark red and then turn orange and yellow once dried. These are mainly bold colours: no pastel or neutral shades. Getting married in the autumn means being overwhelmed by an infinite number of possibilities for the choice of the colour palette for the decors. I am now re-posting an inspiration board right about the autumn that I shared with you some time ago, to give you a few ideas for your weddingūüėČ

2. Seasonal fruits

I already mentioned the seasonal fruits when I told you about the colours. In fact, just because the typical autumn fruits have a variety of colours and shapes that are different from any other season of the year, they are perfect to be integrated into the decorations. How? You could use the berries in the bride’s bouquet, the figs as a placeholder for your guests, forest fruits and pomegranates to embellish a naked cake, the grapes to enrich cured meats and cheese corners. Even dried fruit, such as chestnuts, and some vegetables, such as pumpkins, are great to give an autumnal flavour to the decorations.

3. The autumn foliage

As we know, autumn is the season in which parks and woods get full of dry leaves with a thousand shades of burgundy, yellow and orange. It would be a shame not to use this foliage so rich in nuances for the bride’s bouquet, the floral centerpieces, to create the base for customized placeholders in calligraphy or to enrich the bride’s hairstyle.

4. Getting married in the autumn with a creative wedding theme

Not just colours! The autumn atmosphere is perfect for choosing a wedding theme more creative than usual, such as a boho-chic mood or an enchanted forest-style wedding, with lots of candles and warm lights, wooden decorations and, why not, a fireplace when temperatures are colder.

5. Original menu

Mushrooms, truffles, pumpkins, strong-flavor cheeses, artichokes, sauces of dried fruit: your wedding menu will never be banal. You will be able to let your guests enjoy the experience of a wedding in a perfect autumn mood also through the palate!

6. Hot drinks corner and food and wine favors

Let’s discard the idea of a frozen mojito or a strawberry caipirinha. Amaze your guests with a corner dedicated to hot drinks such as mulled wine, herbal teas with a fruity flavor or hot chocolate to treat even the greediest guests. As for the favours, you can consider the idea of giving your guests small food and wine gifts such as honey or olive oil from local farms.


7. The bridal dress

If you love tattoo effect wedding dresses, the autumn season will give you a lot of satisfaction! Given the lower temperatures, in fact, you will probably opt for a dress with long sleeves up to the elbow or up to the wrists, perfect for semi-transparent effect along the arms thanks to floral lace embroidery. The result will be a sensual and romantic look that you can further embellish with a few more details such as a shrug to wear especially during the evening.

8. Less hot and humid

Your guests will thank you, and not only them! After the summer heat so feared during weddings especially by men, it will be more pleasant for your guests to take part in the ceremony and relax during the reception. The bride’s make-up will certainly last longer, without the sweat that produces that shiny effect that we all hate so much! And even for the groom, the jacket and tie will not be a torture! Remember, however, that with the autumn the first rains also appear and therefore a backup plan in case of bad weather is essential.

9. An affordable wedding

The autumn months are certainly not among the most requested by future spouses. That’s why getting married in the autumn, especially between October and December, can be a great trick to lower your costs a bit and give yourselves some extra whims without going over budget. By selecting this time of the year you will also have a greater number of locations, professionals and suppliers to choose from.

10. And finally … a dreamy honeymoon!

Have you always been dreaming about packing everything on the day after the wedding and being beamed to a tropical island, with the hot sun and a light breeze, finally enjoying a well-deserved rest after long months of preparation? By choosing autumn for your wedding, you can turn this dream into reality. Tropical islands are in fact the ideal destinations to visit in our autumn and winter months. Furthermore, since autumn is a low season even when it comes to travelling, many tour operators apply special offers for that time of year.


Mise en place: Ph Melanie Nedelko via Style me Pretty // Cake: Ph Petra Veikkola // Bridal bouquet: Ph Sally Pinera via Elizabeth Anne Designs // Cheese corner: Ph Jessica Reeve via Wedding Ideas // Bridal hair style: Ph D’Arcy Benincosa realizzato da Bella Cosa via Mon Cheri Bridals // Placecards: Ph Ali Harper via Once Wed // Enchanted forest wedding: Ph Shaun Taylor // Dessert corner: Ph Annie Spratt // Hands: Ph Zelle Duda // Bride and groom: Ph Vitor Pinto // Maldive: Ph Colin Watts

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