What an Inspiration Board is?

Inspiration Board VS Mood Board

It doesn’t matter which area of the design industry we are talking about: if you have dealt with an interior designer, a web designer or an event designer, you will surely have heard of inspiration boards. If you still don’t know what it is or if you have never heard about it, well this is the post for you.

An inspiration board is a great and pawerful tool used by designers to identify and visually organise images, objects and words they to use as a starting point to realise their final project. There are absolutely no rules about shape, size or format: anything that can visually translate the designer’s idea, such as videos, posters, digital graphics, etc., is perfect. The reason behind is that it is easier for people who are not in the industry to visualise an idea looking at images or videos. 

Story boards, ideas boards, branding boards and colour stories are all grouped in the “inspiration boards” category. However, the two most used tools within this category (on which I will focus) are mood boards and inspiration boards. Although these words are very similar and sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference between them.

How to use an inspiration board professionally within the event design industry

The mood of an event is its style, the setting and the context in general. It can be bright or dark, elegant or casual, formal or informal, etc. and a good mood board should be able to let the client feel what guests will experience on the event day. Unlike the mood board, the images of an inspiration board are more focused on details, colours, fabrics, buffet and everything that is closely related to the event itself. While a mood board will make you feel the emotions, an inspiration board will show you the concept design of your event.

On this blog I will mainly post inspiration boards with many details, concepts and ideas that you can turn into reality to create your own event. I am going to start with an inspiration board that tells you a little bit more about myself and what I like the most!

inspiration board

Have you ever tried to create an inspiration board, either about yourself or as starting point for organising your event?

Image 1: Shauna Haider via Nubby Twiglet  // Image 2: Kim Pendleton via The Lemon Collective // Piano and ballet shoes: Sonia Crouse via Creating Vintage Charm // Makeup: via Cosmic Raspberry Queen // Girls with luggage: via Living Twenties // Cake: Ph Anna Hardy via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings // Bouquet: Ph Rowell Photography via Belle The Magazine // Lettering: via Mantra Band  // Centrepiece: via Belle The Magazine  // Books: via Pinterest salvato da My Luscious Life 


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